CWP is an event production and marketing company based in Texas. Since it's founding in 2014, CWP has aspired to capture the vast and diverse definitions of Texas living through experiences and strategic partnerships that resonate with its's young professional community. Texas is more than cowboys and barbecue (although we love us some barbecue)...It emcompasses many cultures and influences. Each installation has been a manifestation of that vaision - whether a one off event, annual festival or touring show.


Like most great ideas, it all started over a beer.  Or should we say, a chicken wing?  A few years ago in a Houston bar, Joseph Boudreaux was digging into some wings.  Tim—a stranger sitting nearby—eyed the wings with gusto, leading Joseph to offer him one.
At the time, they never could have predicted that this simple gesture would lead to a deep friendship, outrageous adventures, and plenty of backyard shindigs, but it did.  The new friends merged their social circles, and 5 men—Joseph, Tim, DK, Adrian, and Aaron—became regular partners in the pursuit of good times.  We're talking ice cold beer, great tunes, and lip-smacking food...
Realizing that fun is contagious, they knew that given the chance, plenty of people would like to join them in their antics.
That's how Chicken Wing Productions (CWP) and its signature event, Crawfish & Brews, was born.
Why Crawfish and Brews?  Because nothing says good times like craft beer and Cajun-style cookin'.  To CWP, this event was the best way to throw a big, the whole-state-of-Texas-is-invited party.  
Mind you, Crawfish & Brews has become so popular, it seems like the whole state of Texas responds to the invite.  Their annual events in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, draw thousands of people...people of all nationalities, ethnicities, and backgrounds who want to have fun.
Because that's one thing that's very important to the founders of CWP.  If their name is attached to an event, they want attendees to have an amazing time.  And trust us--as professional event planners who enjoy partying themselves, these guys know a little something about making that happen. 
While the founders of Chicken Wing Productions come from diverse backgrounds, their goal is the same:  To create unique events throughout Texas where people come together to meet old friends, make new ones, and have unforgettable experiences.